Snap Lock (RL Quick Receiver ) Counter Flashing

Cheney Flashing’s snap-in counter flashing is designed to be installed with Cheney’s RL Quick Lock Receiver (Snap Lock) Flashing system.  Each segment is fabricated with dimples every 12″.  The counter flashing is then pushed up into the quick lock flashing which permanently fasten the two pieces together.  This allows for complete fascia water and wind updraft protection to your flashing system.

Stainless Steel Specifications and Feature

  • All corners and end dams are fabricated utilizing type 304 stainless steel.  Type 316 stainless steel available upon request.
  • Metal thickness is 26ga (.018″).
  • All joints are spot-welded and soldered, water-tight, utilizing a 50% tin / 50% zinc solder.
  • Cheney-supplied stainless steel meets all Federal specifications – ASTM A240/A240M, ASTM A666, and ASTM A480/A480M.
  • Cheney-supplied stainless steel originates from mills located in the Eastern United States.
  • 300 series stainless steel generally includes 75% – 85% post-consumer recycled content and is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality.
  • Cheney Flashing’s corners and end dams are fabricated out of its Beltsville, MD and Houston, TX facilities.


1-1/4″ 4-1/2″ x 1/2 drip edge w/ dimples at every 12″ o/c

Also available in copper, galvanized or aluminum.